So here’s a quick Yiddish lesson – “milchig” means “milky,” and refers to any food or dish containing dairy products. “Fleishig” means “meaty” – so anything that is or has meat. You’re not supposed to eat the two together. Oddly enough, this is one of the conduct rules that I don’t think comes from Leviticus and rather is rooted in a rather gross meal that Lot made for Abraham in Genesis. I dunno, I skipped a lot of Hebrew school to smoke dope and gamble.

Basically, “is it milchig or fleishig?” is a culinary question, hence why Abra is responding with panic.

Addendum: The word “parve” refers to a food that is considered neither dairy nor meat, and can therefore be served with any meal. This includes eggs and fish. Just a fun fact to set off the vegetarian in your life. 🙂