So, fun fact: a Judaica store in Berkeley called Afikomen Judaica actually clipped this strip out of the paper and taped it up in their mezuzah section in the store! They even sent me a photo of it, which was very nice of them. If you’re in the Bay Area and looking for a deal on some Sabbath candles, check ’em out.

Oh yeah, and as Krulle correctly pointed out in my last update, I did not clarify this particular obscurity for Gentiles and I do apologize for that; a “mezuzah” is basically a little compartment usually made of metal, wood or ceramic that contains a small prayer that’s attached to the doorframe. We do this because we are instructed to not only take the words of God to heart, but to “inscribe them on (our) doorposts and our gates.” So . . . we do!